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For 100 years, Butler Manufacturing has maintained a reputation for quality in the building industry. Using only the best materials and innovative procedures, we are able to provide our customers with buildings that will look as great as they perform for years and years to come. Butler Manufacturing offers a systems construction approach that is more economical and faster to erect, requiring fewer parts than other building systems. Butlers approach to systems construction demonstrates a Simpler, Faster, and Better method for your next building project.Butler Manufacturing offers Agricultural Buildings, Architectural Buildings, Athletic & Entertainment Buildings, Community Buildings, Government/Military Buildings, Manufacturing/Industrial Buildings, Medical Buildings, Religious Buildings, Reroof & Retrofit, Service/Retail Buildings, Warehouse Distribution Buildings, Roof Systems and Wall Systems. With a Butlers structural system, you have virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to building width, height, roof slope, and exterior finish options. We can also accommodate buildings with large modules and bay sizes up to sixty feet.


Improve the productivity of your employees by reworking the interior of your building. Redesigning it in a manner that puts gathering areas in a central location increases employee interaction and stimulates the exchange of ideas.


As highways continue to connect distant areas, and population moves towards rural areas, the need for quality healthcare facilities grows as well. We can work with your municipality to create a master plan to lay the groundwork for hospital construction.


We realize that most hotels don’t have a season where they completely shut down. When your only renovation option involves construction while guests are present, you need a commercial construction professional on your side that can help keep things on a tight schedule.


One of the most important aspects of building or renovating within an existing hospital is ensuring that patient care can be undisturbed. Only a team that is highly experienced in hospital construction can provide this assurance.


When families are moving into your school district faster than you can build additional schools, you may find that classroom overcrowding is an issue. In many cases, our modular buildings can help you get the space you need to continue educating students.


Steel is one of the strongest building materials available today. This means that steel buildings are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, severe snow storms, hurricane, and even earthquakes.


Many different structures can be categorized as commercial buildings, not just warehouse and office spaces. Here are some examples: schools, churches, and other houses of worship; hotels and motels; big-box stores, malls, restaurants, and grocery stores.


Do you need a building in an area that will see significant snow or thunderstorm activity? Steel buildings are durable and may require less repairs that traditional building materials.


Minimizing waste is one of the best ways to reduce commercial construction costs. For example, using pre-engineered steel components for structural framing generally produces an average of just 2% waste material for every 2000 sq ft of a building.


In 1663, one of the first American hospitals was built on Manhattan Island. According to the New Netherland Register, it was built “at the request of Surgeon Henricksen Varrevanger for the reception of sick soldiers who had been previously billeted on private families.”


Did you know that steel buildings typically receive a big discount from insurance companies? This is due to its superior strength and fire retardant nature, both which enable these buildings to withstand extremely harsh conditions.


Did you know that modular commercial buildings are constructed using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities but in half the time? Generally, these structures are stronger than conventional buildings as well.


Concerned about the finished appearance of your steel building? These days, you have plenty of options, as many colors are available and the exterior can be enhanced with everything from stucco and stone to brick and glass.


Although green building technologies aren’t always the cheapest options available, they can win your company significant goodwill with your new neighbors. If you’d like to explore environmentally friendly options before construction begins, we’re always here for you.


It’s important to remember that your company may not be suffering for a lack of space in its office building so much as a poor layout. If you’re ready to explore your renovation options, we’re always happy to walk you through the possibilities.


Are you concerned that crowded classrooms in the schools in your district could negatively impact the ability of students to learn? Rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to quickly complete the classroom expansion of your schools once we start the job.


It’s important to remember that you often get what you pay for when it comes to a quality commercial construction project. Let’s talk about how we can help you to save money on your project in areas that won’t compromise the quality of style of your finished building.


Why would you need a general contractor; what do they do? General contractors are best used when you are doing remodeling or repairing that requires several different trades, such as pluming, roofing and drywall.


We can help you plan and execute your commercial construction project. With our experience and expertise, we can take you all the way from conceptualization to delivery.


In general, budgets for remodeling or other healthcare facility construction should allow for some flexibility due to the complex and variable nature of these facilities. However, using true fixed-price contracts, risk assessments, and specific provisions in order to control these costs should minimize this flexibility.


If you’re building a server room in your office, remember that the temperature needs to be regulated. Storing servers or computers in a hot room can end in disaster, so be sure to consider air flow when designing your room.


When the NYC Landmarks Commission designated the Manhattan Company Building a historic landmark, they noted it was in part due to the “extraordinarily complex engineering and construction made possible by … Starrett Brothers & Eken,” the general contractors.


In steel building construction, “live load” refers to the temporary forces applied to the building. This includes everything from the workers and tools that would be on the building during construction to the weight of falling rain and accumulated debris.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to settle for a less than perfect warehouse environment just because the building is in your company’s price range. In many cases, it will be possible to build out the inside of the warehouse to achieve the storage capabilities you had in mind.


Even if the power or other utility connections from the local municipality go out, your hospital needs to keep going. It can even be a matter of life and death. Contractors who specialize in hospitals know how to hookup backup systems that you can always count on.


Did you know? Metal is a comparatively modern building material. After a series of fires in the 1790s, industrial buildings were built with “fireproof” cast iron structures, and by 1870, simple steel frames were being used in some of the earliest skyscrapers.


Tilt-up, or tiltwall, construction is quickly becoming the method of choice for a wide range of commercial construction projects. This is an ideal method for warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and office and storage buildings.


Regardless of whether you are striving for LEED or Green certification of your commercial structure, local codes may have specific requirements when it comes to construction practices and protecting the environment – regulations we adhere to religiously.


Unfortunately, many traditionally built structures are only designed to remain standing when the entire structure is together. Since this can cause issues if the building is ever damaged, a modular construction building may actually be safer.


As regards commercial construction, safety is no accident. To ensure a safe workplace, we rely on thorough planning and preparation and then adhere to best safety practices for the duration of the project.


It’s important to remember that many sections of your steel building may be fabricated at our offsite location. This means that a rainy day at the construction site won’t always have the opportunity to start wearing away your building during construction.


Sterile environments aren’t just required for doctors offices. They’re also part of the technology industry. A lot goes into building a maintainable, sterile environment, so make sure you’ve got the right contractor for the job.


Because steel buildings are now constructed under the most rigid building specifications and codes, they are able to withstand everything Mother Nature can dish out – including heavy snows and high winds.


An efficient hospital starts with the construction planning and layout. A good layout will keep travel distances low for staff, and make it easy for limited staff to supervise many patients. Other systems can also be added, like box conveyors, pneumatic tubes, or strategic elevators.


We recognize that not every business owner is as familiar with modular construction techniques as they are with traditional construction. Let’s talk about how modular construction could be a sound fiscal decision for your next building project.


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General Construction Working with the project architect, we provide quality construction services—from building permits, to site development and construction, to final landscaping. As the General Contractor, we work with your building team and utilize the most skilled trades and safe site conditions to keep your project running on time. Our quality steel building systems offer extensive versatility through wide-open interiors and a variety of bay sizes, eave heights, roof slopes and almost any type of exterior you choose. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your facility as well as your budget. Design-Build Working with Mowry Construction & Engineering, Inc. gives you a single source for all of your facility construction needs. By coordinating directly with a project design team, we can combine the design and build functions to maximize communication, minimize confusion and put your entire project on the fast track to completion. It is simply the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to build. Click here to learn more about the Design-Build process. Construction Management By hiring Mowry Construction & Engineering, Inc. for your construction management services, you’ll receive cost efficiency, quality control and representation of your best interests. We manage complex on-site activity to ensure cooperation among the entire Design-Build team and meet critical schedules and budgets. Construction management brings professional expertise and knowledge to bear directly on your project to streamline the construction process.

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