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Lime Daley Small technology company specializing in software development, web hosting, outsourced IT support and circuit board development.


Servers are moving to a new data center, so we'll have a bit of an outage. They are just moving a half mile or so due to a landlord change, so they'll be back up soon.


Public service announcement...

It is really important to not use the same password for different accounts. Lots of people know to do that for their banks, but your email accounts are just as important, because someone can click the "forgot password" button and click on the link in your email and gain access to your banks and credit cards...

AKA how to charge more for the same service.I went to a seminar where I was the only one in the room who thought it didn...
Free Download - MSP Pricing Models & Maximizing Profits

AKA how to charge more for the same service.

I went to a seminar where I was the only one in the room who thought it didn't make sense to offer a business model to businesses that wasn't in their best interest.

My view is that both the client and vendor should benefit to make it a good deal, so both companies can succeed.

Download the guide from Datto: Pricing Made MSPeasy.

Planet Memory Review - Lime Daley

I just noticed that this post never made it to facebook. Kind of old, but the recommendation is still relevant. I think I get used to such poor customer service that even good customer service is remarkable, but these guys went well beyond what was reasonably expected of them.

I have a server that is apparently considered "old", as in, the RAM in it is old enough that manufacturers aren't making much of it any more, and so the prices are starting to go up.


You know you're a geek when... you get a thrill out of replacing hard drives without powering down a computer.


The one test every embedded system must pass is the dreaded ground hog test. To perform this test, take your first prototype unit into the lab and connect it to a de-energized power supply. Then stand back, look the other direction and throw the switch. If you see your shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of development.

From Richard Miu, via Jack Ganssle -


Groan: New International System of Units


Procmail Recipe to Filter Addresses in the From Field


Hmmm.. status updates for businesses/pages. I wonder if that will be useful for anyone.


Simple TinyMCE Integration Into Moodle 1.9.x


Minor Change to the Apache2 Configuration: DirectoryIndex


HTML Obfuscation


HOW-TO: Get Your Facebook Application to Show Up on a Page's Wall and Boxes Tab


The Secret to Upgrading osCommerce from 2.2ms2-2006-08-17 to 2.2rc1


Procmail Programming


Recovery Rebate Calculator


Wordpress: Cache RSS Feeds to Lower CPU Usage


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