We provide Earthquake Retrofit services for Un-reinforced masonry buildings. Our team includes Licensed Structural Engineers & other experts.

While NOT architects, we work with licensed Structural Engineers & have experts in Concrete Footings, Structural Welding & Steel + we do full on BIM • CAD documentation to help our clients get their property strengthened against inevitable Earthquake.


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From Bil Badrick . . . Hello, did you know that the Portland area had a 2.0 Earthquake on June 14th, 2017. There have been 48 quakes in the past year. If it would have been 4.0 there may have been enough damage to old brick buildings for the Building Inspector to declare them unsafe and close them down. If it would have been 6.0, your building could be a pile of rubble and your investment would be gone.

At CoreForm we have put in place a Team to assist you in placing an quake-bracing steel system to meet the new City Law on Seismic Earthquake Bracing onto your building. We will document your building and create a BIM Computer Information Model, provide on-site field assessment of Means and Methods, and communicate your prefered directions for bracing your building to the Engineers and City Staff.

In 1996 I was working in my Studio one nice sunny May morning in an old brick and timber building in the Pearl District in Portland, I was at my drawing desk concentrating on a complex Constuction Document. In a moment I noticed the shadow from my hand was moving across the drawing, glancing up I noticed my drafting lights were swinging in and out. Then I looked up to where they were hanging from the big timber beam over my head. It was only then that it occured to me that a serious earthquake was happening. If a 700 pound timber above me was moving, the entire old brick building was shaking. I grabbed my pack and ran full speed across my Studio, through the hall and down the stairs into the street. At the middle of the intersection was a group of Architects from across the street. They and I had studied earthquake damage at the University, and we knew better than anyone how fast and deadly a quake can be.

On the same day, June 14, 2017, there was a 6.9 quake in Guatemala that leveled buildings and killed peoiple. Is your building ready for this natural disaster? We can help you make it safe, and preserve your investment. Please call for a free on-site consultation.


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Not only fines but they are planning on levying liens on uncomplying buildings such that selling the property will become nigh impossible. . .


Do you own, live, or do business in an unreinforced masonry (URM) building in Portland? There are over 1,700 of these structures throughout the city. URMs pose a danger to public safety during an earthquake. Numerous examples from around the U.S. and elsewhere show URM buildings are likely to partially or completely collapse when the ground starts shaking. When they collapse, these buildings harm residents and people in the surrounding area. In order to ensure the safety of resident before the next quake, the City of Portland is working on a mandatory policy to require owners to retrofit these buildings.

You’re invited to attend an upcoming forum to learn about, ask questions, and provide feedback on the proposed policy:

URM Policy Committee meeting: 3 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, Portland Development Commission, 222 NW Fifth Ave. The Policy Committee will meet to review the cost-benefit study and comments received during the public forums on Thursday, Nov. 3 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Portland Development Commission. The meeting is open to the public and accommodations are available upon request, 503-823-4375.


ATTENTION! . . . This is going to be required for all buildings in Portland (not yet sure about Eugene) but it is Oregon State law for those buildings that are defined as URM (Un-reinforced Masonry) this is for public safety. But please know that there will be fines associated with non compliance which will add up to $24,000/year so best to get on it now owners of buildings eh? Plus it is good for your tenants not to have bricks crashing down on their heads eh? 🤣


To be perfectly clear here people, we @ are NOT Architects! We provide drafting & Project Management services and consult with a licensed Structural Engineer to make the documents which get officially submitted. We do the BIM • CAD as well as advise the building owners as to the various aspects relating to URM code & suggest strategic solutions to strengthening brick buildings.


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